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About Sugarbeet Blooms & Bridal

Sugarbeet Blooms & Bridal is a mother-daughter company run by Kim Shea and two of her daughters, Kennedy Cripps & Clarity Gerow. It began as a bridal rental business, servicing brides with unique furniture and decor to make their big day even more special. The business has now expanded to include florals & tuxedo rentals, but also a storefront operation meeting the needs of their customers through all the highs and lows of life - weddings, funerals, holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, school dances, etc. They will carry on the legacy of "Flower Scents" as Beaverton's floral and gift destination, including an expansion of local artwork - embroidery, greeting cards, pottery, signage, paintings. Stop into Sugarbeet Blooms & Bridal, located at 100 Ross St downtown Beaverton, to pick up a gift, order a floral arrangement, schedule a bridal consultation, and view some of our popular rentals!

Meet the Director.

My happiest childhood memories include my grandparents, Sylvester & Pauline Cassaday. My grandpa was a sugar beet farmer and was the sweetest man I've ever known. As a young man, grandpa worked at a full-service gas station in Beaverton, which stood in what is now the parking lot of our flower shop. Flower Scents has served the community since 1984, which was the years I graduated from college. It is my great honor to now serve the people of this town just like grandpa did decades ago. As the mother of four daughters ~ Cassaday, Kennedy, Clarity, and Century ~ I have had many special occasions to help execute: proms, homecomings, graduations, bridal & baby showers, and of course weddings. My daughter's wedding days have been the best day of my life, and I am thrilled to work along side my daughters to bring joy to our customers as they celebrate all the special occasions in their lives. 


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Meet the Business & Brand Manager.

My mom is the creative visionary, my sister is the artist & designer. Although I am more driven by numbers and spreadsheets, we have proven that our diverse skillset makes us an incredibly strong and successful team. As we were planning my non-traditional wedding which took place in my grandmother's barn (which had never been used for anything other than feeding cattle and storing hay), one of my goals was to maintain the integrity of the family farm while still making it "our" wedding space. I wanted to make smart décor purchases which served both function and beauty that were based on something more than emotion. This helped us put together the wedding day of our dreams in a way that would give us long-lasting pieces that could become part of other brides' dreams long after our day was complete. Buying the local flower shop to expand our services to customers looking for beautiful flowers and unique gifts for all occasions was a smart business decision, but also become one of the most rewarding things we have done as a family. 

Meet the Designer and Consultant. 

Since I was a young girl, I have embraced my love of all things creative. This love of making things beautiful lead me to Central Michigan University to complete a degree in Interior Design. I fell in love with design, not just in homes, but in life, in special occasions, and in artistic expressions. When we began our bridal rental business, I had a dream that I could make it my full-time job in 5-10 years, I never expected that only two years later we would have the opportunity to expand our services and purchase the most beloved shop in Beaverton. I feel so honored to be living my dream and helping make each and every day "especially sweet" for all of our customers. 


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